There is a one-time $20 registration fee. Registration is required for all children. Only a parent or a
court appointed guardian may register a child. Proof of guardianship and your child’s age is

Referral Program:

Receive $20 credit for each PAID referral. Maximum of 5 referral credits.

Door Policy:

Kiddie Kabs will wait no longer than 5 minutes at pickup time. The trip will be cancelled, and fees
are non-refundable. Kiddie Kabs will return for another pick up for the daily charge,

Children Conduct:

The Children Conduct is the basis and foundation of the disciplinary policy within Kiddie Kabs.
The code identifies acts and forms of discipline to deal with these acts. The code of conduct and its
provisions are applicable on all vehicles. The following behaviors are unacceptable:


Any accompanied persons riding must be registered and a paying customer

Change of Address:

When families move, prior to the move it is critical that they notify Kiddie Kabs of this change. If
families fail to keep an up to date address on file, no refund will be applied when drivers arrive at
previous address.

Early Dismissal:

It is the parents’ responsibility to notify Kiddie Kabs 3 business days in advance that school
dismissal time has changed.

Lost and Found Items:

Kiddie Kabs is not responsible for lost and/or stolen items. Items that are lost or found can
be turned in or looked for upon request Families should report all lost items to 216-273-
KKAB immediately